At Home with PPP

At Home With Yvonne

Not everyone is blessed with a keen mind and patience for numbers. But we have nothing to worry as we're fortunate to have Yvonne, our Finance Manager.

At Home With Lee

Got questions on which espresso machine fits your budget and needs, which grinder grinds the fastest and quietest, or which coffee beans suits a particular brew method? Ask Lee, our friendly retail associate at The Annex.

At Home With Leon

'I wasn't really a coffee drinker.'; When someone who breathes and lives coffee starts his conversation with this sentence, we know we're in for an exciting story. Meet Leon Lee, our Wholesale Account Manager. From 'coffee is gross' to 'OMG COFFEE PLEASE', he shares with us his 10 years and going coffee journey, from making your coffee to teaching how to make coffee. 

At Home With Raina

Just by looking at Raina's cheerful smile is enough to bright up one's day. Her bubbly personality makes her very approachable, an asset the F&B industry needs. Order coffee from her and you'll get your coffee served with a side of good mood. Originally from Korea, she came to Singapore almost two years ago to further pursue her career in coffee. She tells us how she started and the principles she abide to that helped her get to where she currently is. 


Kiamaina, Kenya

Founded in 1974, Kiamaina receives cherries from about 385 farmers in Karatina, Nyeri County. It is one of four factories managed by Kiama Coopera...

Tabe Burka, Ethiopia

The Tabe Burka washing station is located in the Uraga woreda, part of the Guji zone. It was founded by Tadesse Edema in 2008, being the first wash...

Don Alfonso - Aquiares Estate, Costa Rica

Aquiares Estate is one of Costa Rica's largest and most historic coffee farms, sitting on the fertile slopes of Turrialba Volcano. Its history date...

Alilu Estate, India

To keep up with global demand, coffee in India is primarily produced via conventional agricultural methods. Over time, this results in depleted yie...


Shaken Brown Sugar Espresso Overnight Oats

Drink your caffeine, and eat it too.

Honey Cinnamon Latte

A hug in the mug.

Cascara Boba Tea

Hello, is it tea you're looking for?


A coffee lover's go-to dessert.

Brew Guides

How To Brew With A Hario V60 (updated)

The V60 is a simple and versatile dripper used by many professional baristas and home brewers around the world. If you’re just starting to brew at home, the Hario V60 is a perfect way to start!

The Hario V60 Ceramic vs Plastic: Which Is Better?

Are you looking to start your journey into home brewing and pour overs? Considering your first V60 but can’t decide which one? In this instalment of our Brew Guide series, we investigate the Hario V60, namely its two most often used iterations, the plastic and ceramic versions. 

The Gooseneck Kettle: A Necessary Tool for the Home Barista?

Ever wondered why the baristas at your favourite café use these specially designed kettles with a characteristic long thin spout and thick handle? Does it actually make a significant difference to a pour-over or is it just a visual gimmick employed by baristas to whet the appetites of coffee drinkers?

How to Brew with a French Press

The French Press is well known for its ability to brew easy and consistent Coffee, this Brewing Device is reliable and trusty for you daily brew. ...