At Home With Lee
Got questions on which espresso machine fits your budget and needs, which grinder grinds the fastest and quietest, or which coffee beans suits a particular brew method? Don't be afraid to approach Lee, our friendly retail associate at The Annex. He is always ready to answer all the burning questions you have on all things coffee. And if you keep talking to him, he might share with you a couple tips on how to make cafe-style coffee at home, just like the recipe he shared with us. 
  1. Tell us a bit about yourself. What you do at PPP Coffee and outside work?

    I'm originally from Miami, Florida in the United States. I'm a retail associate for PPP Coffee, where I connect people with coffee and share my passion for all things coffee. In my free time I love to travel, go on hikes, play the drums and free-dive. Also, I like to garden and cook. 

  2. What was your first impression of coffee?

    I used to think coffee was a means to an end, by which I meant waking me up in morning. There wasn't much difference in taste.

  3. Has working in the coffee industry changed how you view coffee?

    It opened me up to the world of coffee and showed me just how many dimensions every kind of coffee has. From the many methods of brewing, to the fruity and complex tasting notes some coffee can have. 

  4. What is the biggest difference between working in Singapore and in the U.S?

    Singapore is small and the U.S is big. When Singaporeans complain about going somewhere 15 minutes away, I laugh. 

  5. Share with us your most memorable coffee story.

    To be completely honest, it's all memorable. Every day I'm surrounded by amazing co-workers that share their knowledge. We are really all on this journey together and that's what makes it so great. But, if I had to pick one thing to share it would be getting my hands on our roaster and just being able to start to fathom the complexities that go into it! All thanks to Shawn, our Product Manager for coffee!

  6. What is your current home coffee setup? If you could own any coffee gear, what would it be?

    I do Hario V60 at home but I hope to soon have a La Marzocco Linea Mini to add to the mix. 

  7. Any home-brewing recipe to share?

    Definitely! My AeroPress espresso recipe is great for anyone looking for a good cup but not able to get an espresso machine.

    Espresso with AeroPress

    What you'll need:

    20g of your favourite coffee
    48g water at 93


    1. Heat up your AeroPress (I prefer to do it inverted, but whichever way is comfortable for you works.)
    2. Pour in coffee grounds
    3. Add water and let steep for 2 minutes
    4. Press and serve either as espresso or top with froth milk to make a latte.
Written by PPP Coffee

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