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PPP Classic Reusable Bag
PPP Classic Reusable Bag
Seasonal Reusable Bag
Seasonal Reusable Bag
Oatside Chocolate
Oatside Chocolate
Oatside Oat Milk - Barista Blend
Oatside Oat Milk - Barista Blend
Marou Chocolate Origin Plus - Mekong Kumquat & Tien Giang
Marou Chocolate Origin Plus - Mekong Kumquat & Tien Giang

What we offer

Coffee Supply
Training and Workshops
Equipment Support

connecting people with coffee

People have always been at the heart of what we do since we first started out as a small-batch specialty coffee roaster in 2009.

Beyond the business of sourcing, roasting and serving specialty coffee, inspiring people and connecting communities has always been the core of what we do since the beginning.

We believe that great coffee can bring communities together.


Enjoy preferential rates on coffee
Discounts on machines and equipment
Classroom training and support
Marketing support and cross-promotions

Requirements for wholesale

- Be a registered business in Singapore
- Spend a minimum of S$216 per order

Become a PPPArtner

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If your question is not answered here, check in with your account manager or drop us an email at
How can I become a PPPartner?
You need to be a registered business in Singapore, and you would need to spend a minimum of S$200 per order.
What is the minimum order quantity for wholesale orders?
A minimum of S$200 is required.
What is the delivery fee? Do you offer free delivery?
Delivery is free for orders S$200 and above.
What is the lead time for delivery?
A lead time of 3 working days will be required.
I need the coffee urgently. Do you offer same-day delivery or self-collection?
As our coffees are roasted to order, a minimum lead time of 3 working days is required.
What other perks do PPPartners get to enjoy?
PPPartners will enjoy discounts of machines and equipment, get to sign up for trainings and workshops, and also get marketing support from the team.