How to Brew with a French Press

The French Press is well known for its ability to brew easy and consistent Coffee, this Brewing Device is reliable and trusty for you daily brew.

Here’s how you can brew the perfect Coffee:


20gm Roasted Coffee Beans 

About 300gm 92°C Hot Water 


Hario French Press


Weigh Scale

Carafe or Cup 


Step 1: Rinse 

Clean and warm your French Press and serving cups with hot water.

Step 2: Grind

Grind 20 gm of coffee beans on a coarse setting on your grinder.

Step 3: Set-up

Place your ground coffee in the French Press and set it up on the scale without the plunger. Hit the Tare button.

Step 4: Brew

Start the timer and pour 300 gm of water into the French Press, ensuring that all the coffee grounds were soaked. Use your teaspoon to stir the entire slurry. Pop the lid on but do not plunge yet.  

Step 5: Break the crust (Optional)

When the timer hits the 3 minute mark, clear the crust on top. 

Step 6: Press Like the Best

When the timer hits 3:30 minutes, plunge evenly. Remember any grounds you leave exposed will continue to extract. If you would like to experiment with taste go with time not grind size.

Step 7: Serve & Enjoy!
Written by PPP Coffee
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