"Must Drink Coffee" Rapha Cycling Kit

A limited release kit designed in collaboration with Jonathan Chan to celebrate the cycling and coffee community


From cafe rides to deliveries, cycling has played a huge role in what we do here at PPP Coffee since we first started out as a small-batch specialty coffee roaster, living off tips collected from strangers-turned-friends in a humble hideout back on Hooper Road.

As we celebrate our 12th anniversary, we're delighted to dedicate this special collection - the "Must Drink Coffee" Rapha Cycling Kit, for the community that has embraced us since the beginning.

The unique relationship between coffee and cycling.

There is a unique relationship between the worlds of specialty coffee and cycling, and it is one that has grown rapidly in recent years.

As the drug of choice for cyclists looking for a boost in their riding performance, coffee continues to have a longstanding and inextricable affinity with cycling.

From getting your pre-ride caffeine shots (or your post-ride cake reward), to catching your favourite pelotons with fellow riders, coffee has intrinsically become an important part of the cycling community with coffee shops being the cyclists’ pit stop and social hub.

Designer by profession; cyclist by choice; runner by accident.

We needed someone to design the Rapha cycling kit. The ideal candidate had to not only be passionate in design, but also cycling, and of course, coffee. Then, we remembered our friend - Jonathan Chan.  

We first met Jonathan when we still delivered coffee on wheels at Hooper Road. Back then, he was an avid cyclist. However a near-death experience back in 2014 brought his hobby to an abrupt halt. 

While Jonathan no longer cycles today, cycling will always remain something dear to him. In particular, designing this kit gave him a chance to reminisce memories and friendships he has forged over the years.

The concept: marrying design, coffee and cycling culture.

Landscape. Some of the best lands for cycling are also the best places for coffee.

The changing terrain, heat and aroma. These are textures a sip of coffee brings, and also that of what a cyclist's journey is like.

Gradient. The higher the elevation, the bigger the satisfaction for the cyclist. Likewise, the higher the altitude, the better the coffee.

Descents. It always lead to the ocean, just like a cup of pourover.

These environmental elements are often observed in landscapes where coffee is grown and cultivated. Similarly, these are also the elements and changes in terrain and weather that a cyclist experiences whilst riding.

A design inspired by the mid-century design movement with graphics that marry the modernist spirit with cycling and coffee drinking culture. 

These elements are then translated into graphics, and imprinted onto the "Must Drink Coffee" Rapha Cycling Kit as a representation of the connection between the two, joined by the same paths gifted by nature, where friendships are fostered and memories created.

The only kit that gives you free coffee - for a lifetime.

Wear the PPP Coffee "Must Drink Coffee" Rapha Custom jersey on your rides to enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee* at participating cafés by PPP Coffee in Singapore and Malaysia. T&Cs apply. 

Shop the collection now and enjoy free international shipping to selected cities for orders above S$300.

*Valid only with a minimum purchase of one (1) item from the menu. Limited to one redemption per jersey, per day.