Choose Reuse is a campaign that aims to reduce the use of single-use packaging by making a conscious choice to “Choose Reuse”.

We believe that small efforts can result in big changes and with this campaign, we hope to reduce the use one-time packaging by 10% annually through the following initiatives: 

1. Reusable bag over single-use carrier.

In an effort to reduce waste and create a more sustainable environment for all, we are encouraging you to use your own bag for your shopping. With effect from 1 December 2022, we will not be providing paper bags across our retail and cafe outlets. Should you need one, we will be charging a small fee of S$0.30 - S$0.60 for a single-use carrier.

Fancy something more permanent? Get our reusable bag at S$3 for a small one and S$4 for a large one. Reuse it over and over again to hold your coffee haul, groceries, life's ups and downs etc... 

2. Reusable mug over single-use paper cup.

Never have to walk around looking for a trash bin after you finish your drink anymore. Choose Reuse and take S$1 off your takeaways at any of our participating cafes in Singapore when you bring your own reusable tumbler.

3. Reusable airtight canister over single-use coffee bags.

We started the Reload Program in 2018 with the aim of making specialty coffee more sustainable for the environment. Since the introduction of the program, we have saved hundreds of coffee bags from being sent to the landfills every year. Choose Reuse and get 20% more beans on us when you bring your own reusable coffee canister at any of our retail outlets in Singapore.

4. Reuse or return coffee jars.

Done with your Coffee Drop beans? Don't throw out the jars yet! Reuse it to hold your pantry items, coins, keys, small plants, basically anything that fits, it'll hold. Not keen? That's alright! We'll adopt them on your behalf. Wash and return the jars to us at our stores to get S$1* off your next coffee purchase! 

*S$1 will be credited into your PPP+ account.

Enjoying coffee in a clean, pollution-free environment would become a thing of the past if we don't start making conscious choices now. Saving the planet should not be just be an Earth Day initiative. Make it an everyday habit and Choose Reuse whenever you can.

PPP Coffee is constantly on the lookout for like-minded individuals or corporates to collaborate with us on the above initiatives and beyond. If you are an individual or business owner that is into sustainability, please fill out the form below or drop us an email