Isnul Coffee Blossom Honey

Bees have long been a crucial part of the ecosystem, and this is no exception on Danny Perez's coffee farms, one of our long-term coffee partners in Guatemala.

Under the Family Bonds group are award-winning coffee farms such as Finca Isnul and San Antonio Chaguite, amongst others. Rearing bees was a hobby of Danny's late grandfather, with 140 beehives kept in Finca Isnul until today. 

Each coffee harvest, the beehives are cleared out and the bees begin collecting from the neighbouring coffee blossoms. Some say the quality of the honey can tell how good that year’s coffee harvest was, although coffee quality is also dependent on many other variables that follow. 

This is the first time it has been exported and sold outside of Guatemala, and we’re delighted to present two vintages of honey, from 2019 and 2020. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My honey appears different from typical honey, is this normal?

This is raw, minimally-processed honey, which means you may find traces of pollen. A small amount of foam is also normal, caused by air bubbles trapped during bottling.

You may also find the texture different from typical honey, as raw honey will crystallize at lower temperatures. This is a good indicator of raw honey. Crystallized honey is still good to consume - in fact, we enjoy the thicker honey spread on a piece of toast. Simply give the jar a good stir before enjoying! If you prefer a smoother consistency, simply let the jar sit in some warm water to let it slowly liquefy. 

Does the honey contain caffeine?

The honey as well as nectar from the flowers does contain some caffeine at low concentrations, although not high enough to taste. Recent studies have shown that the caffeine in the nectar helps the honey bees to return to the same flowers periodically, until they collect all the nectar.

Does the coffee blossom honey tastes different?

The honey from coffee blossoms tends to be more fruity, due to the different flower aromatics. This harvest from 2020 has some brighter, citric notes, while the 2019 vintage adds some deeper, brown sugar aromatics. 

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Written by PPP Coffee

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