Living The Coffee Culture

We are a coffee company at heart. Everyone sees our cafes, the retail coffee, machines and equipment and also the C-platform school. What binds us across all departments is a shared and unified company culture - we not only love drinking coffee, but also we live the coffee culture.

One Company, Many Opportunities

What are your strengths? Which skills set you apart from the pact? Within the PPP Coffee group, we have different roles and responsibilities that we are able to plan a career for you that fit your strengths and skillset. You will be able to meet and work with a diverse group of people from different departments. If you wish to work in F&B, teach in our C-platform workshops, be part of our coffee wholesale team, or service machines and equipment, drop us a line.

The Better Job Scheme

Working in PPP Coffee is more than a job. It's taking pride in what you do and whom you work with. We provide a holistic approach to job satisfaction and productivity through The Better Job Scheme. We focus on both qualitative and quantitative performance. We foster a sense of a belonging. The Better Job Scheme includes medical benefits, mentoring, training and work/life benefits (apart from free coffee). We truly care.

Open Positions

There are currently no open positions in Malaysia

View the full list of open positions, job descriptions and apply online at mycareersfuture
  • Business Development Manager (Full-Time)
  • Service Crew/Barista (Full-Time/Part-Time)
  • Retail Associate (Full-Time)
  • Warehouse Packer (Part-Time)


If you're keen to explore other employment opportunities with PPP Coffee, please e-mail your resume to