We believe that every coffee has a story. Every bag of coffee we present, and every cup served, is an opportunity for us to connect with our customers, and to share of the many hands behind these delicious coffees.

People have always been at the heart of what we do since we first started out as a small-batch specialty coffee roaster in 2009, living off tips collected from strangers-turned-friends in a humble hideout at Hooper Road called “Papa Palheta”. Beyond the business of sourcing, roasting and serving specialty coffee, we believe in inspiring people and connecting communities, and that has always been the core of what we do since the beginning.

We believe that great coffee can bring communities together. That is why we decided to turn a beautifully-conserved Art Deco shophouse located in the Jalan Besar district of Singapore into our home. This place is called Chye Seng Huat Hardware. We believe that great coffee knows no borders or boundaries. That is why we converted the cutting room of a historical printing factory, Art Printing Works, in the Bangsar precints of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia into a home. This place is called PULP.

While the name “Papa Palheta” may be estranged after we rebranded ourselves on our 10th year anniversary, his heritage continues through the many hands who have supported us through each milestone, and his legacy will be passed on through the generations to come.

This is PPP Coffee, and we believe in connecting people with coffee.

Our Philosophy

At PPP Coffee, building good relationships is fundamental in everything that we do, and our business is guided by these 3 principles: honesty, traceability, and sustainability.

Our Ethos

Every batch of coffee is sustainably sourced, and meticulously roasted in small batches – to bring out the unique flavours and profile of the beans – and to do justice to the farm and its farmers