Turbo G&T (with compliments of  Brass Lion Distillery)

Our product manager, Shawn, picked up this recipe from an event hosted by Brass Lion Distillery. Refreshing and easy to make, it is the perfect drink to have after dinner as you wind down from the day's hustle and bustle.

Turbo G&T


30ml Brass Lion Singapore Dry Gin (or any gin with floral notes)
40ml coffee concentrate (Shawn picked Suke Quto for its bright acidity to complement this refreshing drink.)
75ml light tonic water
Orange slice, cinnamon or, star anise for garnish


Step 1: Brew the coffee concentrate with the pour-over method using a 1:5 coffee-to-water ratio. You should have an intense brew that is on the brighter side, which works well for this cocktail. For espresso, pull a 15ml to 20ml shot instead.

Step 2: Combine gin, coffee concentrate and tonic water into an ice-filled glass.

Step 3: Top with garnish of your choice, and enjoy!

Written by PPP Coffee

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