At Home with Shawn

Meet Shawn, our Product Manager for all things coffee. From sourcing to roasting, Shawn works closely with internal and external parties to ensure that the coffee we serve is of top-notch standard. It is thanks to him that you (and, of course us) get to enjoy specialty coffee from all over the world. 

1: Tell us a bit of yourself and what you do at PPP Coffee?

Hi, I’m Shawn and I take care of the coffee products here at PPP Coffee. I work with our direct-trade partners and green coffee suppliers, looking for the best coffees that suits the tastebuds of our discerning coffee drinkers. I also work with the roastery team to the coffees that reach our wholesale and retail partners meets the standard.

2: Do you remember your first coffee? What made you go down the rabbit hole?

I’ve always enjoyed coffee in the form of our local Kopi-O, until once when I chanced upon this tiny hole-in-the-wall roastery that served coffee on tipping basis. That was the Papa Palheta on Hooper Road in 2011, and I recall being amazed at how coffee tasted good on its own. From then, I started learning how to brew my own coffee at home, and the rest is history. 

3: I'm sure your collection of brewing gear is extensive. Tell us which is your most treasured and why?

Over the years, I’ve owned (and let go of) quite a bit of coffee gear, from grinders to scales and cold drip towers. However, I think the best piece of equipment is still my very first V60. For its price point and ease of usage, it’s still my go-to brewing method and what I'd recommend first time brewers. Having said that, I’m finding myself revisiting the Aeropress brewing method lately, which works well for one of our latest coffees, the Mexico Zempoalehuatl Reserve.

4: Last but not least, what's your current favourite recipe?

Not too long ago, I attended a festive event hosted by Brass Lion Distillery. They taught us a few coffee cocktail recipes but my favourite is the Turbo Gin & Tonic. It's so refreshing and the perfect choice to wind down from the day. The best part is it so easy to make. You can make it with almost any coffee brewing method from pourover, pods to espresso. Try it and trust me, you wouldn't go back.

Turbo G&T

What You Need

30ml Brass Lion Singapore Dry Gin (or any gin with floral notes)

40ml Coffee Concentrate  (Shawn: I pick Suke Quto for its bright acidity to complement this refreshing drink.)

75ml Light Tonic Water

Orange slice, cinnamon or star anise for garnish


1. Brew the coffee concentrate with the pour-over method using a 1:5 coffee-to-water ratio. You should have an intense brew that is on the brighter side, which works well for this cocktail. For espresso, pull a 15ml to 20ml shot instead.

2. Combine gin, coffee concentrate and tonic water into an ice-filled glass.

3. Top with garnish of your choice, and enjoy!

Written by PPP Coffee

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