Make Your Own Dairy-Free Coffee Cocktail In 4 Simple Steps

Black coffee in the morning. Iced latte in at noon. Coffee cocktail to wind down for the night. This recipe makes 2 servings (or 1, if you like a big cup), fuss-free and absolutely delicious.  

Boozy Chai Latte Recipe

Makes 2 servings
60ml dark rum, bourbon or brandy
30ml espresso
1 can Minor Figures Nitro Chai Latte
20ml sugar syrup
Ice cubes

    2 highball glasses
    Mixing glass
    Stirring spoon 


    Step 1: Add spirit of your choice, espresso and sugar syrup into a mixing glass, and stir.

    Step 2: Dip stirring spoon into the mixture. Taste and adjust as required.

    Step 3: Fill two highball glasses with ice cubes, and pour coffee mixture over the ice cubes until the cup is about 1/4 filled.

    Step 4: Pour Nitro Chai Latte into the mixture, and gently stir with your stirring spoon.

      Serve and enjoy!

        Written by PPP Coffee

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