At Home With Hock Soon
If you've drank PPP Coffee anywhere else apart from our cafes, it is thanks to the efforts of Hock Soon (and of course, his team). As a Wholesale Account Manager, he makes PPP Coffee accessible to all, living our mission to 'connect people with coffee'. Not only does he sells, he teaches too, so that every cup of PPP Coffee served to you will do justice to the farm and its farmers. Outside work, you might catch him shopping around for a sandpot and a Turkish Ibrik that he hopes he can add to his home setup one day.
    1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

      I’m a Wholesale Account Manager at PPP Coffee. I work closely with wholesale partners to achieve that dream of serving better coffee and serving coffee better. There is never really a same day in my work as the needs of each client are unique and it takes time for me to learn each outfit well before being able to recommend our total coffee solutions.

      Naturally achieving this is not possible without good communication domestically with relevant teams - marketing, equipment, roastery, and inventory/logistics. In wholesale, we understand a huge element in quality control is the human factor and there is a need to have trained baristas equipped with knowledge and the know-how’s in representing our coffee. Thus, I also often wear the trainer cap to facilitate the training of baristas for many of our wholesale clients.

      Outside of work, I enjoy exploring the food scene and its trends, especially burgers, restaurants and cafes. I also enjoy getting in touch with nature by exploring hiking/trekking trails. If I’ve exhausted all these, I enjoy shopping and browsing for good deals.

    2. Do you remember your first coffee?

      Of course! It was during my high school days. I remember it very well because it was very effective in keeping me awake on many evenings before my big ticket exams. 

    3. Share with us your most memorable coffee story.

      It was my first coffee farm trip to Takengon, Aceh. It was life-changing and definitely imprinted a new perspective on the stories behind each cup of coffee. Being in the home of a coffee farmer and being able to witness the entire process from seed to cup, although it was just a simple cup of black coffee, it felt perfect.

    4. Your home setup? 

      Grinder: Mahlkonig EK43S
      Machine: La Marzocco Linea Mini

    5.  If you could own any coffee gear, what would it be?

      Someday I hope to have a sandpot and an authentic Turkish Ibrik at home. Perhaps I could pick up fortune telling too!

    6. If you could only drink one coffee for the rest of your life, what would it be?

      Ethiopian Heirloom.

    7. Last but not least, any recipe to share?

      Of course! This Iced Chai Black is a personal recipe that I really love. It is also very easy to make. 

      Iced Chai Black

      What you'll need:

      5 parts Cinnamon
      2 parts Star Anise
      1 part Clove
      1 part Black Pepper
      10g Honey

      150ml Black Coffee
      340ml glass filled with ice

      1. Mix and muddle Chai ingredients together.
      2. Add coffee and stir well.
      3. Pour over ice and enjoy!
Written by PPP Coffee

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