Marou Chocolate Lam Dong 74%


Size: 24g
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Six Vietnamese provinces lent their names to the single-origin chocolate bars that built Marou.

As a product of nature, the cacao that defines each bar tells us so much about soil and season. Droughts tend to draw sharper, citrus notes, while heavy rains invite fruit and spice flavors to blossom. The controlled chaos of fermentation brings subtle surprises. We’re still exploring the places this fruit grows and learning new things every day.

 Lam Dong 74% Cocoa

This cacao thrives at the foot of lush forested hills in Vietnam's central highlands. Lam Dong Province's cool mountains yield a mild chocolate but look alive for traces of prune, raisin, and espresso.  

Each bar is 24g

Best Before: 26 September 2024