Hario V60 KASUYA Model



Tetsu Kasuya, who, in 2016, became the first Asian world champion of the WORLD BREWERS CUP, the world’s most prestigious competition for coffee brewing. Following the competition, Hario and Tetsu Kasuya collaborated to create a customized V60 Dripper for everyone to use his recipe. 

Under the supervision of Kasuya, the conventional rib shape of the V60 dripper has been customized. It slows the water down for better extraction of coffee, making it possible to brew stronger coffee even with the same amount of coarse grounds. This allows even beginners to easily reproduce the "4:6 method".

A new coffee brewing theory created with the concept of "easily-brewed delicious coffee for everyone." Divide water into a ratio of 4 to 6. Adjust taste with the first 40% of water and density with the remaining 60%.

The point is to use coarse grounds and make the second pour after the water from the first pour completely drips through.

Watch Video Recipe