Finca Isnul, Guatemala

We have been working with the Finca Isnul family as part of our direct-to-origin program since 2014. Owned and operated by the Anzueto family, Finca Isnul is part of Danny Perez’s Family Bonds union of farms. Finca Isnul has been producing some of the most outstanding Pacamara varietals in Guatemala, and that is part of the reason behind why we keep buying from the Perez family time and time again. 

Under the guidance of Family Bonds, Leticia and Lorena, the current stewards of the farm, have applied a new hybrid processing technique to their highly-prized Pacamara varietal. They have taken a small percentage of their already small volume of Pacamara and applied the NatWashed processing technique. 

Coffee cherries are first rinsed with water, and the floaters removed, which helps to prevent earthy, unpleasant flavors, creating a clean cup. They are then dried on raised beds, kickstarting fermentation for 48 hours, until the coffee turns a dark raisin color. Thereafter,  the cherries are rehydrated for another round of fermentation, in cold water for 2-3 hours, before being depulped and washed in the traditional manner. 

The processing is finished with a combination of raised beds and mechanical drying, which contributes to consistent drying, allowing them to control the flavor profile. This unique process not only creates a unique spectrum of flavours, but also retains the crispness and vibrancy that is the hallmark of Finca Isnul. 

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Written by Shawn Tan
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