Finca Isnul Cascara, Guatemala

In this August’s subscription, we have included one of our favourite non-coffee products, cascara, also known as husk or rind in Spanish. When coffee cherries undergo wash-processing, it is depulped, which is the removal of the skin of the cherries. These husks are usually discarded as a by-product of coffee processing.

In the case of Finca Isnul, they took the husks of one of their best varietals, the Pacamara, and dried it into cascara. If you have been following our coffee offerings, you may have learnt that Finca Isnul is part of Family Bonds Coffee, similar to San Antonio Chaguite

There are various methods to enjoy cascara. The simplest of all would be to brew it as a hot tea or tisane. We recommend a ratio of 1:30, i.e. steeping 10 grams of cascara in 300ml of hot water for 4-5 mins. You may wish to use a French Press, or a large tea bag. If you are using a drip brewer like the V60, simply steep the cherries in a carafe and strain out with the brewer and paper filter. 

Another method is the cold brew cascara. With the same ratio, add your cascara and water into a carafe, allowing it to sit in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Thereafter, strain it out and enjoy it over ice! For cold brews, we recommend the Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot.

Cascara has also been used in many other forms, with its sweet and tangy cup profile, and floral aromas. It makes for a great cascara syrup to use in drinks, like a refreshing cascara soda. Here at PPP Coffee, and our sister cafe Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee Bar, we are also working hard on upcoming products featuring cascara. You may even see some of these going into the upcoming Surprise Box!

Stay tuned, and stay safe! 

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Written by Shawn Tan
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