Supernova Pod Subscription + Morning Machine


Choice of Pods

Enjoy 365 days of quality coffee, anytime, anywhere. 

If you: 

  • Drink one or two cups a day or go through a low volume monthly
  • Work from home or in a small office
  • Enjoy being able to customise your brew without an elaborate setup

This subscription is for you.

At S$79 a month*, own the Morning machine at 40% off (U.P. S$660), and have 40 of your favourite Supernova pods delivered to your doorstep for 12 months. 

Need more than 40 pods? Get 100 Supernova pods with the Morning machine at S$139 a month!

    *There is a commitment period of one-year for this subscription. Should the subscription be terminated prematurely, the prorated amount for the remaining months will be charged. This subscription is applicable in Singapore only. Terms and Conditions apply.

    Want to find out more about the Morning machine? Head down to PPP Coffee at Funan or the Annex (within CSHH) to see, touch, brew with it.


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    How does this subscription work?
    Get 40 or 100 Supernova pods with the Morning machine at S$79 or S$139 a month, for a period of 12 months. On your first order, you'll receive the Morning machine + the Supernova pods. Subsequently, you'll only be receiving your choice of Supernova pods.
    Will the Morning machine be mine to keep after 12 months?
    Yes! Even if you don't renew your subscription after 12 months, the Morning machine will be yours to keep.
    Who qualifies for this subscription?
    Anyone! Whether it is for your home or office, all are welcome!
    Am I allowed to mix and match the pod variants?
    The subscription consist of only one choice of pods. Once subscribed, it'll remain the same for the duration of the subscription.
    I don't wish to continue my subscription anymore. Can I cancel it mid-way?
    There is a commitment period of 12 months for this subscription. Should you cancel your subscription mid-way, you'll be charged the remaining months in full.
    How do I subscribe to this?
    This is an online exclusive promotion. It can only be subscribed via our website -
    I'm a Must Drink Coffee Club member. Will I earn PPP+ points with this subscription?
    Yes! PPP+ points can be earn on subscription products too.