Holistic Solutions

We provide solutions to suit your needs and requirements. Depending on the nature of your business, we will recommend the best equipment and tools necessary to run your coffee program. From cups, machines, grinders, brewing equipment, maintenance tools & accessories, PPP Coffee is your one-stop shop to setup your dream coffee bar.

Coffee for Your Customers

Are you planning to serve espresso-based coffees or brewed coffees? Will you be featuring blends as well as Single Origin espressos? Planning to launch a series of cold brewed coffees? You know your customers' preference best and PPP Coffee provides you with a range of coffee blends and single origins to make sure you are serving your customers the coffee that will make their day.

Education and Support

Having good machines and well-roasted coffee is not good enough. PPP Coffee believes in invested a lot of time and effort to education. All wholesale clients will be equiped with adequate training and support, they are also required to attend our Espresso Redefined workshop.

Coffee Representative

PPP Coffee is in the service industry and we believe in building long lasting relationships. Every wholesale partner will be working directly with a Coffee Representative for all your coffee needs. He or she will be visiting you and your outlet quarterly to make sure that everything is working as planned. Your Coffee Representative will always be just a call away for all your coffee-related needs.