Supernova Pods - Decaf

Plum, Sugar Cane, Milk Chocolate



Cafe-style coffee redesigned for the everyday drinker in Nespresso-compatible pods.

Supernova was born out of an obsession and a dedication to make high quality coffees more accessible to the everyday coffee drinker. Wherever you might be, you can always enjoy a delicious tasting cup, with our high quality Nespresso-compatible pods. Now available in 100% aluminium. 

Decaf, not depressed. Using the Mountain Water decaffeination process, Decaf is organically-certified and 99.9% caffeine-free., with all the tasty goodness retained. Enjoy it black or with a dash of milk. 

Current OfferingMexico Jaltenango*
Decaffeination Method: Mountain Water Process
Origin: Chiapas, Mexico
Varietal: Sarchimor, Marsellesa, Colombia, Caturra
Processing: Fully-Washed
Altitude: 800 - 1700 m.a.s.l.
We Taste: Plum, Sugar Cane, Milk Chocolate

*Please note that coffee offering may change or vary depending on availability. Please refer to the product page for the most up to date.