happy chinese new year

Get ready for Chinese New Year! Stock up with coffee, tea, sparkling new brew equipments, buy a gift for house-visiting, anything you might need for yourself or guests this CNY!

Ensure only huat and laughs this CNY with our Blackjack New Year Blend. Made up of two Ethiopia; Negele Gorbitu, and crowd favourite Suke Quto, expect a full-bodied, sweet, fruity cup tasting of Pineapple, Butter Cookies, Rum & Raisin, symbolising good fortune, prosperity, and happiness.

Send an e-gift card

Wish your recipient good fortune throughout the whole year!

For the non-coffee drinkers

Tea, chocolate, and everything nice


New drinkware for the home/on-the-go, bags for mandarin oranges, groceries...

What's your goal this new year?

Whether you want to make it a goal to learn how to home-brew properly or become a professional barista, our SCA certification is for you. Learn with us and get certified!

decorate your home

Make these origami dragons and use them as decoration for your home or as gifts!


Make your own origami dragon

To start, prepare 2 pieces of paper - 7.5cm X 7.5cm (head) and 15cm X 15cm (body)