Roasting Principles

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Roasting Principles is 1.5-day entry-level course that lays out the theory and science behind roasting. coupled with practical roasting experience. This course is targeted for coffee professionals, home brewers or anyone who wishes to kickstart their roasting journey at home. Adequate guided hands-on time will be provided for all participants, followed by cupping of the roasts to understand the impact of roasting in the cup. 

  • Green Coffee Basics 
  • Green Coffee Processing & Storage 
  • Roasting Equipment
  • Roast Profiling
  • Processes and Changes During Roasting 
  • Roasting Guidelines 
  • Setting Up a New Roaster
  • Identifying Roast Defects
  • Storing Roasted Coffee
  • Machine Maintenance, Cleaning & Safety Precautions
  • Hands-on Session & Cupping of Roasted Coffee

All participants will receive a course certificate from PPP Coffee upon completion of this workshop.

Duration: 1.5 days

Suitable For: Coffee Professionals, Home Brewers, Baristas, Cafe Operators

Pre-requisites: None

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