Panama Finca Santa Teresa / Summer Gesha (Last Batch: Pre-order only)

Mango, Mandarin, Honey, White Tea



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Country/Region: Panama/Volcán

Varietal: Gesha

Processing: Honey

Elevation: 1555 m.a.s.l.

Taste Notes: Mango, Mandarin, Honey, White Tea

Located near Panama's highest mountain, Volcan Baru, Finca Santa Teresa (FST) sits at 1400-1900m above sea level. It occupies 237 acres of forest, adjacent to La Amistad National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Producing a range of varietals from Gesha, Caturra, Catuai to Pacamara, coffees from FST are often fruit-driven, with lovely acidity. The Gesha varietal is a regular finalist in the Best of Panama competition, winning over a dozen awards in the last decade.

Coffees produced at FST are all handpicked and processed at the on-site mill, located at the main farm. The smaller farm, Batista, is a short drive away, separated by virgin forest and the primary water source, La Llorona. Prizing sustainability over profitability, FST strives to strike a balance between the natural forests, streams, and coffee trees.

The coffee is shade-grown, ensuring the wildlife retains their natural habitats. They also have a reforestation programme, planting seeds from the forest at the nursery for future planting, and re-use organic matter leftover from processing as compost and fertilizer.

This coffee is a Gesha varietal, which is one of the prized varietals from FST. A honey processed lot, it starts off with picking only fully-ripe cherries. The cherries are then depulped and dried on raised beds under the sun. These are turned frequently, allowing the sweetness to develop.

Each jar of beans also contains a voucher that entitles you to one coffee-based beverage on us at any participating cafes. As for the jar, reuse or return it to us! T&Cs apply.