Guatemala Finca Isnul, Pacamara

Nectarine, Plum, Milk Chocolate


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Country/Region: Guatemala/Huehuetenango

Varietal: Pacamara

Processing: Washed

Elevation: 1575 - 2000 m.a.s.l.

We Taste: Nectarine, Plum, Milk Chocolate

We have been working with the Finca Isnul family as part of our direct-to-origin program since 2014. Owned and operated by the Anzueto family, Finca Isnul is part of Danny Perez’s Family Bonds union of farms. Collectively, the farms under Family Bonds have achieved the highest coffee producing awards, winning Cup of Excellence in Guatemala for multiple years.

Finca Isnul is no exception, placing in the Cup of Excellence rankings year after year. They consistently produce one of our favourite varietals, the Pacamara, which comprises only 10% of the farm's production. A washed processed coffee, the cherries are first density sorted by immersing in water, with the floaters removed.

The coffee is then depulped, and undergo a 36 hour fermentation. Thereafter, the coffee is set out to dry on raised beds, paying careful attention to time, temperature, rainfall, and other factors.

The Family Bonds group of producers have shown great consistency and attention to detail throughout the several years we have been working with them, and we are proud to showcase this Pacamara varietal for the fourth time.


Pro Tip

This coffee is roasted for filter; and is recommended for brewing using the V60, Chemex, Clever or other drip coffee makers.