Espresso for Home


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Espresso For Home covers everything you will need to start making espresso-based beverages at home. This workshop for anyone who wants to get a feel of the machine before purchasing one for home or learning more advance lessons. Adequate hands-on time will be provided for all participants.

  • Parts of the Espresso Machine & Grinder
  • Coffee Menu
  • Espresso Preparation
  • Milk Preparation
  • Hands-on Session

All participants will receive a course certificate from PPP Coffee upon completion of this workshop.

Duration: 120 minutes

Suitable For: Coffee Enthusiasts, Home Brewers

Pre-requisites: None

As we would like to provide the most conducive environment for our participants, we require a minimum sign-up of 3 participants to confirm each session. In the event that a particular session does not meet the minimum sign-up, participants will be notified and we will reschedule their session to the next available date.