Cold Brew Ready Coffees

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Cold brew is best prepared with coffees that have been rested for some time. This is because freshly roasted coffees contains carbon dioxide that masks the flavours. By resting your coffees after roasting, you allow the flavours to develop more fully.

Cold Brew Ready Coffees


Roasted On

Kenya Nyala Kiambu


21 Jul, 1 Jul 2020

Kenya Nyala Kiambu


28 Jul, 21 Jul, 15 Jul, 1 Jul 2020 

San Antonio Chaguite Caturra


5 Aug, 28 Jul

San Antonio Chaguite Caturra 125g 5 Aug, 23 Jul
Kenya Nyeri Mutitu 250g 11 Jun
Kenya Nyeri Mutitu 125g 11 Jun
Terra Firma 250g 4 Aug, 28 Jul 


All coffees are best consumed within 90 days from roast date.


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