Uraga Tome Washed

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  • Uraga Tome Washed
  • Uraga Tome Washed
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We Taste: Pink Ginger, Lemon, Bergamot

Recommended Brew Methods: Hario V60, Chemex

Country/Region: Ethiopia, Oromia

Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom

Processing: Fully-Washed

Elevation: 1900 - 2300 m.a.s.l

Tadesse Edema is a pioneer among producers in Uraga, and was the first to build a washing station in the region. Tadesse is more than just a coffee producer, but also a community leader who built schools and roads in the region.

The Tabe washing station was constructed 12 years ago, which paved their way to entering the renowned Layo Teraga Cooperative WS. Seven years later, the Tome washing station was constructed on the other side of the ridge, facing the river that divides Hambela from Uraga. This is the second time we have bought from Uraga Tome, with a natural processed coffee the previous year.

This year's crop has consistently produced some of the highest-scoring Ethiopian lots we have tasted. As a Grade 1 classification, cherries undergo an additional hand-sorting stage to remove defects, ensuring quality. After depulping, the coffees are fermented for 36 to 48 hours before being washed. They are then dried on raised beds in thin layers and raked every hour for even drying. These result in an exceptionally clean and floral cup.


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