Trinity Zero Coffee Press


  • Trinity Zero Coffee Press
  • Trinity Zero Coffee Press
  • Trinity Zero Coffee Press
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Trinity Zero is the latest coffee press that brews a strong cup of coffee in a just 60 seconds. It doesn't try to be a portable espresso maker, or a filter coffee maker; but it's a medium between both instead. 

Its small size allows it to be portable and travel-friendly. Trinity Coffee attributes its compact size to its environmentalist design. It aims for a quality brew, while also discouraging any additional single-use components. 

How to brew?

Step 1: Dose and grind 18g of coffee at a medium-fine grind size.

Step 2: Attach coffee basket onto water chamber, then fill water chamber with 100g of hot water (95 degrees Celcius


Step 3: Allow 30 seconds for the water to pre-infuse.

Step 4: Place on the lid, and use your thumb to pressurise the chamber. Press, hold, then repeat until all the water has been pressed through. 

Step 5: You should get about 80g of coffee concentrate with just 10 - 15 pumps.

Pro Tip:

  • For a more balanced and smoother cup, you can dilute the coffee concentrate with additional 80g of water.
  • For milk coffee lovers, you can top up the coffee concentrate with approximately 80g of milk too.


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