Pancum Estate, Guatemala


  • Pancum Estate, Guatemala
  • Pancum Estate, Guatemala
  • Pancum Estate, Guatemala
  • Pancum Estate, Guatemala
  • Pancum Estate, Guatemala
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We Taste: Citrus, Plums, Dark Chocolate

Recommended Brew Methods: Espresso

Country/Region: Guatemala, Chimaltenango

Varietal: Typica

Processing: Fully-Washed

Elevation: 1600-1700 m.a.s.l.

We are proud to showcase this organic coffee, from Pancum Estate. Located 60km west of Guatemala City, the estate sits in the beautiful Pochuta region, close to the famous Lake Atitlán. It is one of the only coffee farms located in the micro-region of Nican, Chimaltenango. Due to its unique location and low production, this micro-region does not belong to the traditional coffee regions designated by Anacafe (the national coffee association).

On this coffee plantation, they opt for a fully-washed lot with dry fermentation. During harvest, ripe cherries are picked, immature green cherry is either hand-sorted and mechanically removed. Once sorted, only prime red cherry is sent to pulpers. Pulped parchment is then fermented for 24-72 hours (depending on the weather) using the dry fermentation process. Afterwards the clean, washed parchment is sent for drying.

The current owner of Finca Pancum is Dariush Echeverria, the 5th generation of the Echeverria family, which has been growing coffee in the Nican region since 1870. On our last visit, we managed to shoot some beautiful footage of Pancum Estate, click here to view.

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