Colombia Finca Zacatin / Pink Bourbon


  • Colombia Finca Zacatin / Pink Bourbon
  • Colombia Finca Zacatin / Pink Bourbon
  • Colombia Finca Zacatin / Pink Bourbon
  • Colombia Finca Zacatin / Pink Bourbon
  • Colombia Finca Zacatin / Pink Bourbon
  • Colombia Finca Zacatin / Pink Bourbon
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Country/Region: Colombia/Antioquia

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Processing: Natural

Elevation: 2100 m.a.s.l.

We Taste: Passionfruit, Strawberries, Starfuit

Recommended Brew Methods: V60, Chemex

With mountainous terrain and temperate climates, Finca Zacatin has the perfect climate for producing exceptional quality coffee. Located in the Antioquia, Colombia, it receives two harvests each year, with 60% between November and February, and the remaining 40% from April to June.

Eduardo Fernandez is the third generation of the Fernandez family, which traditionally produced commercial coffee. Just over four years ago, he learnt of the different attributes between the various Arabica varietals and started a side project. He began cultivating a selection of unusual beans from around the world, to taste the difference between them. Today, this project has flourished into a large scale production, with varietals such as Gesha, Pink Bourbon, SL28, and Tabi.

This lot is comprised of 100% Pink Bourbon, which is selectively-handpicked from the coffee trees. The cherries are then delivered to the state-of-the-art mill, where it undergoes two stages of sorting, once by machine, and another by hand. Here, the cherries are deliberately sorted to include a specific mix of 70% ripe, 20% overripe, and 10% half-ripe. This is designed to give the desired flavor profile for these lots. After sorting, the cherries are floated in water to remove the lighter floating cherries.

The cherries are then placed into a tank for aerobic fermentation, which increases the fruit characteristics of the coffee. After 12 hours, the cherries are depulped, and moved to another tank for malolactic fermentation. This is designed to increase the body of the coffee, adding a rounder mouthfeel. Following the fermentation process, the coffee is thinly spread over raised beds to dry.

The coffee will dry for 2-3 weeks, dependant on the weather, until the moisture content reaches 11%. Thereafter, the coffee is placed into protective GrainPro sacks and left to rest for a minimum of 2 weeks, before being milled for export.

We're getting lots of fruitiness from the dry fragrance of this Pink Bourbon lot, with passionfruit wet aroma, strawberries in the cup, and rounding off nicely with a starfruit finish. Only available in very limited quantities, don't wait!

Pro Tip:

  • This coffee is roasted for filter; and is recommended for brewing using the V60ChemexClever or other drip coffee makers.

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