Taste Of Asia: Public Cupping

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This September, we are pleased to bring back some of our favourite coffees from Asia. Featuring coffees from Myanmar and India, this season reiterates the case for sourcing coffees sustainably.

Every year, coffee farmers face a variety of challenges from climate change to changing market demands. However, by making a commitment to revisit the producers, we are able to better assure them of a more sustainable income, and help build a better future for their communities with coffee.

This season’s offerings delivers a spectrum of flavours that we can't wait to share. Join us at the official launch of the new season’s coffee at our public cupping session, happening on Saturday, 14 September 2019, 10am at The Cupping Room (within Chye Seng Huat Hardware).

Participants will receive a S$5 retail voucher which can be used to purchase the new coffees at The Annex.

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