Supernova Drip Bags - Mistletoe Christmas Blend

Cherry, Dried Cranberries, Pecan



Cafe-style coffee redesigned for the everyday drinker in single-serve drip bags.

From blends to single origins, each one is roasted to perfection and crafted with excellence alongside 10 years of coffee roasting expertise - to deliver that unparalleled cafe experience in your cup.

Mistletoe Christmas Blend

Current Composition: Brazil Santa Clara (72h Anaerobic Fermentation) / Colombia Inza Cauca (Washed) 

We Taste: Cherry, Dried Cranberries, Pecan

Experience the joy of Christmas this season with our seasonal holiday blend. Perfect on its own or as a milk beverage, may each cup remind you of the warmth of the season as you soak in the Christmas festivities.

This composition comprises of two coffees, a microlot from Brazil Santa Clara, processed with a 72 hour anaerobic fermentation, as well as a washed Colombia from Inza Cauca. The result is a fruit-forward blend, tasting of cherry and dried fruits, finishing off with a pleasant pecan nuttiness.

Recommended Recipe: Pour 200ml of 92°C water over drip bag.

Each box contains 9 drip bags.