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  • Kenya Jojo Estate
  • Kenya Jojo Estate
  • Kenya Jojo Estate
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Country/Region: Kenya/Kiambu County

Varietal: Ruiru 11, SL28

Processing: Fully-Washed

Elevation: 1700 - 1800 m.a.s.l.

We Taste: Tangerines, Apricot, Black Tea

Owned by John Njoroge Muuru, Jojo Estate is located in the Kiambu region in Kenya. It spans 7.5 hectares, and sits at a lofty 1,700 to 1,800 meters above sea level.

During harvest, ripe coffee cherries are hand picked and delivered to the estate's 2-disc pulper. After depulping, the coffee is fermented for 16 to 24 hours, and then washed in clean water to remove any remaining mucilage.

Here, the wet parchment is laid to dry on raised beds, turned frequently to ensure even drying. This process takes about 10 to 18 days, for it is ready for storage or export. Kenyan coffees have long had an impressive reputation in the coffee industry, due to its high quality and meticulous processing.

This lot was sourced by Sucafina Kenya, which recently established a new dry mill in 2018. This has helped farmers by providing infrastructure support and improve productivity, while maintaining quality. It has also made it easier to keep traceability intact all the way from the individual farmer to the roaster, upholding the quality of coffees from Kenya.

Pro Tip:

  • This coffee is roasted for filter; and is recommended for brewing using the V60ChemexClever or other drip coffee makers.


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