Hario Immersion Dripper SWITCH Server Set


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Bringing consistency to versatility. 

Brewing with the V60 is all about being versatile in your brewing methods while enhancing the complexity and clarity of your coffee. The Hario Immersion Switch Dripper combines immersion brewing with classic V60 pour-over style for busy days. 

The stainless steel ball at the bottom of the dripper stops water from filtering through, converting the dripper to a full-immersion dripper. You will only need to pour and wait, then press the switch down to release and filter the coffee. 

This immersion dripper is easy to use, fail-proof and allows anyone to extract coffee evenly. 

Each set includes:

  • 1 x Hario Immersion Dripper
  • 1 x Hario Server
  • 1 x V60-02 Paper Filter

Product Specifications 

Dimensions (dripper + server) 13.0 (W) x 11.5 (B) X 21.5 (H)
Serve capacity 300ml
Size of dripper  V60 02 

Dripper and server: Heat resistant glass
Base: Silicone rubber
Switch: PCT resin