The Home Brewer's Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for a coffee lover? Whether they are new to the world of coffee or already an "expert" in home brewing, there is something for everyone. Here are the 3 stages that a home brewer goes through in their time brewing coffee, and what we think would make a perfect gift for their home this season.

1. The one who is just getting started

They've just dipped their fingers into the world of coffee where a single bean lies a world of possibilities. Every sip of coffee, every piece of brew gear is an adventure for them. 

All is captivating but where do we begin? The answer - Gift Sets.

Whichever brew method they are interested in, from V60 to Aeropress, we have a gift set for it. Inside, they'll find all they need to make their coffee experience a truly satisfying and fulfilling one.

Want to enhance their experience even more? If the budget allows, consider adding on an entry-level grinder (they'll definitely thank you). The Baratza Encore is a great choice for beginners. The Encord regularly tops the charts for being the "best coffee grinder" for its balance of quality, value, and ease of use.

2. The one who went down the rabbit hole 

They are somewhere in between. Everything is still fascinating but they are always looking to improve their skills. 

The Rocket Appartamento - every home brewer's dream machine. Bring them a step closer to their dream home café setup with this upgrade. Despite being an entry-level compact machine, the Appartamento's quality and experience you would expect from Rocket Espresso has not been compromised. Keep your gift going for the next three months by adding on a Gift Subscription: Beans

Finally, complete their experience with a set of ACME cups, the barista's choice of drinkware.

3. The one who seem to have it all 

This group is definitely the hardest. They eat, live, breathe coffee. They are so knowledgeable and capable of brewing anything. But there are days even the coffee aficionado wants to take a break from brewing coffee.

They sure can with the Morning machine, a capsule machine designed by baristas to elevate the home-coffee drinking experience with its precise controls, delivering a convenient and intuitive experience for our home barista. Each machine also comes with a complimentary Supernnova Pods Variety Box (worth S$54), so they can start enjoying the machine the moment they receive it.

Our Supenova Drip Bags are a good alternative for the lazy days. In a couple of minutes, they'll be enjoying their coffee. Alternatively, Send A Coffee Subscription to them so they'll constantly be kept caffeinated, at least for the next 3 months. If nothing seems suitable, send them an e-gift card so they'll be able to pick their own gift!

Written by PPP Coffee

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